Friday 13 March 2015

Graduation Gloom

As I sit in my relatively comfy brick walled flat, a place which I can truly say I've become attached too, it dawns on me that I will have to leave soon.  My days as a student are nearly up, which means *sigh* so is my student accommodation. Most of you whom aren't students, I know what you're thinking 'aren't student accommodations disgusting, mouldy etc' well yes, you're right there - the majority are but that's partially down to the tenants that live there -there isn't much we can do when it comes to 21 year old boys hygiene. But my place is different. The building resembles an old factory, with old fashioned windows and red brick walls, the interior shares the same resemblance, yet with a slight modern twist. Although the furniture - I would definitely say - isn't my type, we've made it a home and that's what makes these places so hard to leave. Silk scarves now cover the walls, white modern tables and plants decorate the living spaces, for little old students, we've done alright.  I don't want to leave this place, but then I'm excited for the future too. 

Bag -
Buddha- Urban Outfitters
Peace Jewellery holder- Urban Outfitters
Clock - Charity Store, Nottingham
Asian inspired print - Charity Store, Nottingham

Frame- Car boot sale, £3

Lauras Bedroom

My amazing sunflower embroidered scroll purchased off eBay of all places!

Print, Unknown. Lauras bedroom.

I have a whole adventure ahead of me. 

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