Friday 13 March 2015

Workspace Inspiration

This week I'm all about the workspace. Why? Well as a student with a dozen deadlines coming up, I thought it was only relevant to talk about my workspace. Or maybe not mine, as my horrible brown, plain, wooden desk is hardly worth showing. In fact it's that disgusting, instead of working, I found myself trolling through websites such as Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration on how to change it. However, I fear it is too late for my sorry old desk, so I thought I would show you my favourites today, focusing on the space savers - desks which erase limitations, give you a modern, uncluttered and design field area. I'm hoping in my next home I can create beautiful spaces like this for myself - oh, one day.

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This space is simply fantastic, the pegboard design allows you to gain extra storage, allowing a clear work space and a unique room with stylistic decor. This design would be perfect for creatives, in this instance you can see the sewing machine, thread, scissors - these important bits and bobs which would normally take up lots of space, now are out the way, easy to get too and they look good too...  what more could you want?

Image taken from Pinterest

Here's another fantastic ideas for work saver space. Instead of thousands of notebooks with scribbles and ideas written down, contact numbers, to do lists etc. You know the normal hectic details we need to remember to maintain a sane normal life, well how about a chalk board? You can purchase chalk paint from local home stores, paint on your desired walls and voila, you have you're self a giant chalk board - think toms from 500 days of Summer!  With this idea, you save paper, you reduce clutter and you also save the planet, now that's good karma. When it comes to your extra bits and bobs, purchase a desk which is minimalistic - you don't want something to fancy as the room could look quite busy - with a one of two draws, tops. This will allow you to store laptops, equipment, stationary away etc. Ultimately creating a luxurious unique work space and saving on added scraps of paper everywhere. 

Image taken from Pinterest

Here I officially introduce to you the  'iron mesh moodboard' designed office space, yet another great stylish space saver, which has become extremely popular over the internet.  Pin belongings, important notices, to do lists, calendars etc to keep your desk clear. Not only this, you could attach a box design to the mesh, creating a pen pot, or a holder for your stationary, etc - this idea very much like a combination of the two designs above. Grab some mesh from a local DIY store and in now time you have an incredible, space saver.  

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