Monday 16 March 2015

Mesh Boards - Work space spin off.

After my recent space saver, office space post - gosh what a mouthful - I have to admit i've been slightly besotted with the mesh board design. Do you remember the one? I absolutely love the modern / vintage warehouse chic effect this very easy to make board brings to a room and with it's added benefits, what have you got to lose?  A design like this is very simple to make work in any style of home, if you have a modern home - think Scandinavian , this will create a chic design, adding to your minimalistic space. The only negative to this would be that you would need to consider how much you clip onto the board, you may run the risk of it being too cluttered and you don't want that, as it could potentially clash with the room it is in - uh oh. Likewise with a more homely environment, vintage inspired home. Take care when placing objects onto the board, although it's main function is too store, you must remember to merge it in to the room as an object of style too. With that said, here are some ideas on how you can jazz up your own board - take note, I apologise for the lack of D.I.Y / HOW TO within this post, this will be coming soon. 

Here you can see inspiration for a woman or teen girls room, possibly a design which could become useful in a dressing room too. By placing the board next to a mirror, you're able to create a unit which is useful for storing make up, hair accessories, magazines, etc. I love how in this image the person has incorparated chic metal hangers to create magazine holders, this is an incredibly clever (yet surprising obvious, oh my god why didn't I think of this before!?) idea, which can keep your beloved reads in immaculate condition - you're never going to know when you need some key hair or fashion inspo! 

Here's one I hadn't thought of before and again, it's something oh so simple. I've found that keeping your kitchen utensils in a neat and easy to get to environment is so hard. I experience this first hand as I live in a very limited spaced student flat - oh lord help me- and I'm ashamed to admit this, but due to the lack of draws (we have none!). I am currently using a shoe box to hold all my utensils, not the best solution but for short term i'm surviving. For anyone who is in a similar situation to me, or that would just love a bit of a kitchen spruce up, this cheap and easy idea is perfect. Say good bye to clutter and hello chic. 

Lastly, little kiddies can't be ignored. Give your child or children spaces which they can enjoy and love - but also a design that can keep the mummys happy too. This idea mixes the fun of a Childs room yet brings the maturity of an adult, in order to keep a theme running through out your home and also very versitile for when your child grows older - this is something which is key. By giving your childs room a simple design, you're able to keep costs down when refurbishing it as they get older - for example when I was younger I insisted my room would be a groovy chic theme. With this my poor mother painted my whole room in the characters. Fast forward many years later - well as you can guess- I didn't like groovy chic any more and a las, mother had to fork out more money to change it. (It was that or suffer embarrassment from friends, eekkkk) So mums and dads, stop this from happening to you, and stick with a design like the above for your child. It's simple, beautiful, cool even - perfect and most importantly much much cheaper, wahoo. 

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